🎉👕 Mini Footy Unveils Their First (Prototype) Football Kit! 👕🎉

The Mini Footy Kit

At Mini Footy, we’re thrilled to announce a major milestone – the reveal of our very first (prototype) football kit! 🌟 

This is a momentous occasion for us as we take another step forward in our mission to inspire and empower young football enthusiasts. With vibrant colours, thoughtful design, and customizable features, our new kit is set to enhance the way kids experience football. ⚽💫

A Splash of Color

Say hello to our eye-catching pink and blue colours! These bold hues represent the inclusivity and diversity that Mini Footy stands for. Whether you’re a girl or a boy, our kit celebrates your love for the game in style. 🔵💖

Designed for Joyful Play

Our modern design isn’t just about looks – it’s about functionality too. Crafted with the comfort and movement of young players in mind, our kit ensures that every child can move freely and confidently whilst playing. From energetic toddlers to budding football stars, our kit is designed to accommodate all ages, from 18 months to 8 years old. ⚽✨

Personalized Touches

What’s more, each kit comes with customizable elements to make it truly unique. Kids can choose their favourite number to adorn the back of the kit, adding a personal touch to their playing experience. Plus, for that extra special touch, parents have the option to upgrade the Mini Footy logo with their child’s name! ✨👦👧

Coming Soon

While we’re still fine-tuning the sizing details, we can’t wait for every member of the Mini Footy family to get their hands on our new kit. Stay tuned for updates and we’ll let you know first when you will be able to get your kit. Your child’s football journey is about to get a whole lot more exciting! 🚀👕




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