Safeguarding at Mini Footy

At Mini Footy, the safety and well-being of every child participating in our sessions are of paramount importance. We are committed to providing a secure and enjoyable environment where children can thrive, learn, and have fun. Our safeguarding measures extend to our coaches and the entire Mini Footy community.

1) Safeguarding Policy Overview:

At Mini Footy, our safeguarding policy outlines our commitment to creating a safe and supportive environment for children to enjoy football. This policy is designed to:

  • Prioritize the well-being and safety of every child.
  • Foster an inclusive and respectful atmosphere during our sessions.
  • Encourage open communication and collaboration among coaches, parents, and guardians.

2) Key Safeguarding Principles:

Our approach to safeguarding is guided by the following key principles:

  • Child-Centric Focus: Every decision and action revolves around the best interests of the child.
  • Respectful Environment: We promote an atmosphere of respect, dignity, and fairness for everyone involved, including coaches, children, parents, and guardians.
  • Clear Communication: Open and transparent communication is encouraged to ensure that everyone is informed and involved in the safeguarding process.
  • Inclusive Participation: We strive to create an inclusive environment that accommodates the needs of all children, regardless of background or ability.

3) Background Checks and Vetting:

To ensure the safety of our Mini Footy community, all our coaches undergo rigorous background checks and vetting procedures. This includes:

  • Enhanced DBS Checks: Every coach is required to undergo an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check to assess their suitability to work with children.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Our commitment to safeguarding extends beyond initial vetting; we continuously monitor and assess the conduct of our coaches.

4) Feedback and Communication:

We value the input of parents, guardians, and children in our Mini Footy community. Your feedback is essential in maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment. Here’s how we facilitate feedback and communication:

  • Open Lines of Communication: We encourage parents, guardians, and children to reach out with any concerns, feedback, or questions.
  • Anonymous Reporting: If preferred, we provide anonymous channels for reporting concerns related to safeguarding.

At Mini Footy, we believe that a safe and enjoyable football experience contributes to the overall development of every child. Our commitment to safeguarding is unwavering, and we welcome your partnership in creating a positive and secure environment for all.

For further inquiries or to report a safeguarding concern, please contact us at